Family Sessions

2 Hours on Location

All Immediate Family Included

Prints and Products Sold After Session

session fee


Senior/College Grad Sessions

2 Hours on Location Session

Prints and Products Sold After Session

session fee 


Limited Edition Sessions

25 Minutes on Location Session

Includes 10 Edited Digital Files

Additonal Files, Prints, and Products Available Upon Request

Available Only Twice a Year!

session fee 


Can I have My Digital Files?

Simple answer "Yes." High resolution images are available after a minimum purchase but are not available for purchase alone.

I understand that digital files are in high demand. But, ask yourself first, why do I want them? Is it because you think they will last forever on a USB? You can remember floppy disks, right? No media is safeguarded from corruption or technology advancements. The only way you can make sure that the images you love so much will be passed on from generation to your grandma's albums and photographs that you so love looking through as child and now as adult, is for you to have them printed. 

That takes me to my next point. Do you think you will print those images? Take it from my own personal experience, life gets busy and you forget. Then that USB gets stuck in a drawer somewhere or unfortunately lost. Also, I print from a professional lab that has velvety smooth paper if you so desire that simply Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. just doesn't have. My monitor is also calibrated (fancy word for my computer screen will match my print lab exactly) so you don't come out all orange or dark. This means you will have a perfectly colored and properly exposed print.

On an end note. Did you know we are now being called the lost era? Now more than ever you are holding a camera (probably your phone's camera) and documenting more of our life. But how many times are you printing those photos? Remember your children and YOU will want to remember these moments and will ask you "Why aren't there any photos of me growing up, holiday get togethers, and birthday party photographs". What will you say? Remember we need to print. It is just in the last 5-10 years we have decided that everything can be saved digitally. It can't! 

If you think the image is important now wait until that person is no longer here. Some of my post prized possessions are photographs of my grandparents. Why? Because that is all I have to remember them by besides my memories.